Sunday, March 23, 2014

Upcoming conferences

This year already proves to be an interesting year with conferences. This week I will start with a talk at JavaLand, a brand new conference in Germany. Together with Sander Mak I will talk about Modular JavaScript. We will show options to modularize a JavaScript code base. We will discuss module systems, see a lot of RequireJS, talk about dependency injection and services and show real world best practices.

Next will be DevNation, another conference that I'm really looking forward to. Devnation is also a new conference, with an amazing speaker line up. I will be speaking about OSGi with a practical introduction of modular development. There will be a lot of live coding in this talk so that you get a good impression of OSGi development in practise. Along the way you will learn about bundles, imports/exports, OSGi services and their dynamics and see practical topics such as integration testing and creating modern web applications.

Last but not least there will be GeeCon beginning of May, where Sander and me will be speaking about Modular JavaScript again. It's exciting to see how JavaScript is becoming an importart part of the Java developer's tool stack more and more. GeeCon was great last year, so my expectations are high for this year as well.