Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creating a Java EE 6 Maven project using Forge and Intellij

In this screencast I show how to create a Java EE 6 Maven project using Seam Forge and Intellij. Because it's a Maven project it's possible to import the exact same project in other IDEs and it's possible to run a build on a CI server. For this reason you should never use IDE wizards to create projects, because they always create IDE specific project configurations.


  1. The comment about never use an IDE wizard to create projects is not true. NetBeans understands Maven pom.xml files/projects and treats them like first class citizens.

  2. Hi John,

    As far as I know you're half right. Netbeans uses Maven archetypes for the wizards, so you can actually create maven projects. Archetypes are inflexible though, because they are one shot actions. Correct me if I'm wrong.


  3. This video is nice. I have a question:

    Say, after creating the JEE project and importing/opening in my IDE (I use Eclipse), I rebuilt and found everything is quite fine. Now I want to convert/make it a SEAM3 project, how do I do it? What would be the best way to do it with the Forge?


  4. Hi Chisty,

    "Converting" to a Seam 3 project is probably not the thing you should want. Seam 3 is much more modular than Seam 2 because it is build on top of CDI. Seam 3 is basically a set of CDI extensions that offer some functionality that is still missing in the JEE specs. This makes it possible to just add the Seam 3 modules to your project that you actually need.

    For Forge there are plugins for a few of these modules. Take a look at this video for example:

    To find more plugins you can use the "forge find-plugin *" command in Forge. This will list all the plugins in the official directory, including several Seam related.


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