Thursday, August 28, 2014

Join me at JDD Krakow

October 13th and 14th I will be speaking at JDD in Krakow. I was speaking at JDD last year I'm very happy to be back! The conference is not too large which give you great opportunity to actually meet and talk to people. There are some excellent speakers on the schedule already, and I'm expecting many more. The call for papers is still open, so you can be one of them:

Krakow is also a great place to be, and seems to be a hotspot for software engineering.

My talk is a two hour introduction to OSGi:
Modularity is becoming more relevant each day. It is the key to maintainable code and the ultimate agile tool. OSGi is the only mature modularity solution available today. In this talk you will see OSGi development in action.
OSGi has a name of being hard to use and complex. With today’s tools and frameworks this is far from true! In this presentation you will see an OSGi application being built from scratch and learn about package imports and exports, dynamic services, dependency injection and integration with JAX-RS and MongoDB. This talk is both for developers new to OSGi that want to learn the OSGi basics, and for developers with some OSGi experience looking to optimize their workflow.

If you have the possibility: make sure to be there!

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