Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Introducing Amdatu JPA

JPA is a popular way of working with relation databases in Java. It was designed for use in Java EE however, and it was problematic to use in OSGi. Wtih Amdatu JPA we fixed that problem!

Amdatu JPA makes JPA usable in OSGi using either Hibernate, EclipseLink or OpenJPA. It takes care of data source registration, declarative transaction management and makes EntityManagers available as an OSGi service to integrate it tightly to the programming model we are familiar with in OGSi. Amdatu JPA was first released a few months ago, and after initial feedback and experience in some large projects it is now time to start using it!

The following video shows how to use Amdatu JPA. The full documentation can be found on the Amdatu website

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