Thursday, November 6, 2014

First beta of Amdatu Bootstrap

For the past few months we have been working on a development tool: Amdatu Bootstrap. Amdatu Bootstrap makes OSGi development faster and easier by providing an interactive tool to automate common tasks like configuring a build path or run configuration and it integrates with many libraries. Amdatu Bootstrap is built on top of Bnd and is typically used together with Bndtools.

The video below gives an impression how you can use Amdatu Bootstrap.

Amdatu Bootstrap comes with a web based UI and an OSGi based backend. The reason for working with web technology in the frontend is because this makes it easy to develop a user friendly application, and it gives the possibility to integrate in different IDEs.

So why not just extend Bndtools with the functionality of Amdatu Bootstrap? First of all, because Bndtools is based on Eclipse, it is not very easy to extend Bndtools. A lot of knowledge about Eclipse RCP is required, even for relatively simple tasks. Also, we want a tool with the potential to be used with other IDEs in the future. Amdatu Bootstrap is designed to be extensible. It is completely based on OSGi services, and adding a plugin is as easy as implementing an interface.

Amdatu Bootstrap went through several iterations of APIs and ideas, while being used by a diverse group of early users. We are now really happy with the API and the way the tool works, and are announcing the first beta release. Please provide feedback! You can send feedback on the mailinglist or create issues and feature requests on JIRA. If you want to help out even more you can take a look at the plugin development guide and work on some awesome new plugins.


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